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These Are The Most Frequently Asked Pest and Termite Control Questions. If you do not see your question, do not hesitate to call us and ask.

Q: Why should I choose ABYSS Pest Control, Inc.?
A: Rapid relief from your pest problem for peace-of-mind, genuine care, and professionalism. Professional care with a personal touch! We are quite proud of our company and will gladly provide references upon request.

Q: Are the chemicals and application techniques that you use safe?
All of our carefully chosen products are EPA registered and have very specific label instructions and guidelines to which our well trained, licensed technicians strictly adhere. Careful product selection and following the label by our experienced staff will minimize any hazard to you, your family, and your pets while maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Safety is always our first consideration when providing pest management services.

Q: Do I need to leave my house?
Occasionally, fogging the interior of a home is required to achieve a quick knockdown of an invading pest population. In these cases, leaving the house for a couple of hours may be necessary. However, in most situations, the full treatment may be performed without anyone needing to leave. In fact, having the customer home allows our technicians the opportunity to answer all of the questions and concerns the customer may have. Knowledge and understanding creates a comfort zone. A comfortable customer is a satisfied customer. And a satisfied customer is our primary goal at Abyss Pest Control, Inc.

Q: Are your services guaranteed?
We work hard, using all our experience and technical depth to achieve full control the first time, however, in spite of our best efforts, occasionally a pest problem will persist. Our warranty is simple: If the problem continues, we will retreat at no charge. A satisfied customer is our primary goal.

Q. What is the fumigation process?
The fumigation process usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Our professional fumigators will cover your home with tarps, prepares the interior, seals the tarps, and releases a warning agent into the home. Then gas fumigant is introduced into the structure. Our fumigators will then carefully calculate the amount of gas fumigant, based on a variety of factors including the target pest, temperature and size of the home. After the fumigation is complete, our fumigators will clear the fumigant from the structure following label instructions, and confirms clearance with sensitive monitoring equipment.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for fumigation?
Our fumigators will give you detailed information and a step-by-step checklist in order to allow you to prepare for your fumigation. As a homeowner, some of your preparation steps will include: watering soil and cutting back foliage at least 18 inches from the home; ensuring all people, plants and pets are out of the structure and making overnight arrangements for your family and pets.

Q. What is gas fumigant?
Gas fumigant is a colorless, odorless gas that quickly penetrates structural materials during fumigation. It is non-staining, non-corrosive and non-flammable. Gas fumigant quickly dissipates from the structure into the atmosphere and does not deplete the ozone.

Q. Does gas fumigant leave any residues?
Unlike some other treatment options, our gas fumigant does not remain in the home after fumigation. It completely dissipates, leaving no surface residues behind. So you don't need to wash your dishes, linens, clothing and other items after fumigation.

Q. Does gas fumigant cause damage?
Our gas fumigant does not react with most materials. It is highly unlikely to cause damage to structures or their contents when properly applied by our highly-trained fumigators.

Q. What precautions are taken to ensure my family's safety?
Our professionally licensed fumigators will: (1) Release the warning agent to deter entry to the home. (2) Secure doors on your home with additional locking devices to prevent unauthorized entry. (3) Use sophisticated equipment to ensure that the gas fumigant has dissipated, so you may re-enter your home.

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